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Eric Dean is a veteran law enforcement official, highly decorated and honorably retired from the FBI after 27 years as a Special Agent.  

For more than 27 years Mr. Dean held an active Top Secret clearance.  The United States Government trusted Mr. Dean with special access  to some of our nations most sensitive National Security information.  

When confidentiality and discretion are required, Mr. Dean has a  proven and untarnished record with highly sensitive investigations..


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Confidential private investigations and consultation.

Discreet Background Checks


  • Potential business partners
  • Personal associates
  • Family members

Intelligence Collection


Professional, legal intelligence collection.

About Eric Dean

Eric S. Dean

Eric Dean, FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Eric Dean, FBI Honolulu, San Diego, Eric Dean San Diego

Eric Dean is a veteran law enforcement official, highly decorated and honorably retired from the FBI after 27 years as a Special Agent. 

Recognized as an expert investigator with specialties in counterintelligence investigations and intelligence collection operations, Mr. Dean's 27 year career as an FBI Special Agent included over  2 years of service in FBI Executive Management positions and 7 years as a Supervisory Special Agent.

Prior to recruitment by the FBI, Mr. Dean was employed by International Business Machines (IBM) .

Eric Dean is currently a licensed Private Investigator and member of the California Association Of Licensed Investigators.

FBI Career


Eric Dean's 27 year tenure with the FBI included Executive Management roles managing 200+ employees and multi-million dollar annual operational budgets. During this time Mr. Dean successfully lead the FBI’s Western Pacific National Security Program, Counter-terrorism, Counter-intelligence and  Cyber Crime Programs and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) for the Western Pacific area of operation. 

Mr. Dean served for 7 years as a Supervisory Special Agent overseeing counterintelligence agents, surveillance agents, professional analysts and support staff. Mr. Dean supervised multiple teams of full time armed and unarmed professional surveillance personnel conducting both criminal and National Security investigations.

In addition to management roles, Mr. Dean has more than 17 years of field investigative experience as a Special Agent conducting domestic and international counterintelligence investigations, intelligence collection operations and criminal investigations.

Awards and Commendations


While serving as a Special Agent for the FBI, Eric Dean was the recipient of an unprecedented 19 incentive awards from the FBI for outstanding performance. 

 Mr. Dean was awarded an FBI Director’s Commendation for success achieved conducting a highly sensitive National Security investigation. 

Mr. Dean has been recognized by  local law enforcement agencies and other U.S. Intelligence agencies with Nine official commendations and decorations.  Three of these commendations were for operations conducted in hostile foreign environments.

Mr. Dean received a special commendation from the FBI for intelligence collection and liaison skills while working in hostile environments overseas.

Mr. Dean was awarded "Joint Duty Certification" by the U.S. Intelligence Community in recognition of his experience and success creating strategic partnerships and high-level liaison with U.S. and foreign government officials. 

Mr. Dean was described by a former FBI Director as "a problem solver skilled at building relationships that enhance the FBI’s ability to carry out its mission".  

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